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Director's Letter - 2018 Next Generation Operations Summit

Dear Colleagues,

More than ever, operations and supply chain leaders are in the driver’s seat on shaping the future of business value. In today’s dynamic world, this means supply chain...

Director's Letter - 2018 CFO of the Future Summit


What does it take to survive and thrive in a digital world? Or perhaps a better question is: In this digital world, what does it take to create the the next frontier of value...

Director's Letter - 2018 Public Safety Summit

Dear Colleagues:;

In a world where the legitimacy and trust in the...

Director's Letter - 2017 Health and Human Services Summit

What will it take to create the future of outcomes and impact? Is there a breakthrough on the horizon?

Scan the headlines and you will see innovative organizations answering these...

Director's Letter - 2017 Public Sector for the Future Summit

Dear Colleagues,

“Organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get,” noted Bob McDonald, the past chief executive officer of Procter & Gamble and past secretary of the...

Director's Letter - 2017 CFO of the Future Summit

Dear Colleagues,

Sir Francis Bacon noted “For it is a secret, both in nature and state, that it is safer to change many things than one.” I would venture that given the growth of the...

Director's Letter - 2017 Next Generation Operations Summit

Dear Colleagues,

Creating a customer-centric supply chain – one that is agile, adaptable, and sustainable – is key to value creation in a digital world. This is particularly true as supply...

Director's Letter - 2017 Public Safety Summit

What is the linkage between organizational capacity and culture? Why does it matter? And what, if anything, can leaders in public safety do about it?

To answer these questions, first take...

Director's Letter - 2016 Health and Human Services Summit


If investment in your health and human services programs were solely dependent on measurable outcomes, what form of organization and services would you design?


Director's Letter - 2016 Public Sector for the Future Summit

Dear Colleagues,

“If you went to bed last night as an industrial company, you’re going to wake up this morning as a software and analytics company.”


Director's Letter - 2016 CFO of the Future Summit

Dear Colleagues,

We are living in a time bubbling over with ideas on how to improve organizational performance and value creation. From digital technologies to behavioral economics to the...

How to Lead a Transformation

Are you beginning to feel hazy on the difference between "innovation" and "transformation?" You're not alone. With so much hype around these terms they can start to lose their meaning, and even...

Leadership and Convergence – Past, Present, and Future

One of Abraham Lincoln’s last acts was to establish The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands. The Freedmen’s Bureau, which it was commonly called, was charged with a vast array of...

What’s Your Narrative?

As the Harvard campus comes to life each fall, the diversity in views and backgrounds renews my energy to describe organizational transformation in new ways – making it more approachable and...

What Are You Selling?

"A-B-C – Always Be Closing" said Alec Baldwin’s character in Glengarry Glen Ross, the 1992 film about four real estate salesman in the sales contest of their lives. Can XYZ’s encouragement be...

A New Playbook for Government Financial Management

Imagine: You are the state CFO, and as you pour your first coffee of the day the phone rings. It’s the call you've been worrying about. The governor’s chief of staff urgently needs your support to...

Peer Pressure and Pure Pressure: Shared Services Summit Perspective

A lot has happened since the first Shared Services Summit was held at Harvard Kennedy School in 2008. Day one of the Summit in 2008 was debate on what shared services really “is and should be.”...

Zipcar and the Sharing Economy: What Can Government and Education Learn?

As governments around the world work their way out of the financial crisis, one thing is certain: Sharing resources, functions and services is the new normal. This is even truer in the consumer...

I am unapologetically bullish on the future of this world.

I’ve never seen an unfixable problem. As a child growing up in South Minneapolis, one of my favorite pastimes was strolling the lines of the Hiawatha railroad, collecting metal parts that fell from the cargo trains, and with super glue, a soldering iron and some imagination, putting the pieces together in new ways.

I haven’t changed much.

Every pressing challenge we have – ensuring economic security, expanding civil rights and justice, sustaining the environment, redesigning healthcare, improving education, etc. – requires piecing together innovative ideas in ways that transform our societal capacity to respond and act.

We are well on our way to a brighter future. Information and communication technology will unlock dramatically new ways to run our organizations. The science behind genomics and molecular biology will add decades to human lifespans and eradicate the diseases that ravage too many lives. Quantum computing and robotics will blow the doors off our current productivity limits. Green-oil technologies, terraforming and carbon sequestration will create clean energy systems as well as heal and sustain our environment.

Yet there’s much work to do.

Moving forward organizational and technological innovations will be disruptive. As we transform our communities, businesses, organizations and institutions there will be political and social ramifications. We’ll have to pace the resulting “adaptive challenge” – surfacing and resolving the underlying belief systems, loyalties and competencies that can both spur and limit progress.

The challenge of putting the pieces together charges me up. Leadership for a Networked World, the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences-based research programs I run, as well as my advisory practice, bring together visionaries like you in order to develop the leadership strategy needed to move forward.

Please poke around this website and let me know what ideas you’d like to engage. Together, we can work on the solutions that enable our communities, businesses, governments and institutions to foresee and activate their transformational journey.

Will you join me in this quest? Let’s learn together and create together. Let’s get to work!

Dr. Antonio M. Oftelie
Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard
Executive Director, Leadership for a Networked World
Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied SciencesNikes


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