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Steven Kelman
Harvard Kennedy School
2013 Shared Services Summit
Cass Sunstein
Harvard Law School
2013 Human Services Summit
Teri Takai
Department of Defense
2012 Shared Services Summit
Everett Ross
Ohio Shared Services
2013 Shared Services Summit

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Federal agency leaders are innovating at an unprecedented pace. Strategies such as shared services, advanced analytics, cloud-based computing, and digital services have increased efficiency and effectiveness. And yet, when we consider the largely...

Community Insight - May 2015 | Read More

As you pour your first coffee of the day the phone rings. It’s the call you were worrying about. The governor’s chief of staff urgently needs your support to move funding for a program through the legislature. “This program is important to the...

Community Insight - December 2014 | Read More

Are you beginning to feel hazy on the difference between "innovation" and "transformation?" You're not alone. With so much hype around these terms they can start to lose their meaning, and even seasoned leaders can get confused trying to make a...

Community Insight - November 2014 | Read More

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Dr. Antonio M. Oftelie

Antonio Oftelie is Executive Director of LNW and the Public Sector Innovation Fellow at the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard within the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

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Leadership for a Networked World (LNW) helps public, private and non-profit leaders learn about and activate transformations that improve government outcomes, and societal capacity to create sustainable value.

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