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Leadership for a Networked World (LNW) creates transformational thought leadership and learning experiences for executives building the future.

Leadership for a Networked World realizes its mission through a combination of executive education, real world case studies, and learning insights that help leaders and policymakers across disciplines and sectors improve organizational outcomes and value.

Founded in 1987 at Harvard Kennedy School, LNW is now an applied research initiative of Dr. Antonio M. Oftelie at the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard. Since 1987, LNW has delivered more than 200 learning events and gathered more than 12,000 alumni globally.

About the Executive Director

Antonio Oftelie

Dr. Antonio M. Oftelie is Executive Director of LNW and the Public Sector Innovation Fellow at the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard within the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

I am unapologetically bullish on the future of this world.

I’ve never seen an unfixable problem. As a child growing up in South Minneapolis, one of my favorite pastimes was strolling the lines of the Hiawatha railroad, collecting metal parts that fell from the cargo trains, and with super glue, a soldering iron and some imagination, putting the pieces together in new ways.

I haven’t changed much.

Every pressing challenge we have – ensuring economic security, expanding civil rights and justice, sustaining the environment, redesigning healthcare, improving education, etc. – requires piecing together innovative ideas in ways that transform our societal capacity to respond and act.

We are well on our way to a brighter future. Information and communication technology will unlock dramatically new ways to run our organizations. The science behind genomics and molecular biology will add decades to human lifespans and eradicate the diseases that ravage too many lives. Quantum computing and robotics will blow the doors off our current productivity limits. Green-oil technologies, terraforming and carbon sequestration will create clean energy systems as well as heal and sustain our environment.

Yet there’s much work to do.

Moving forward organizational and technological innovations will be disruptive. As we transform our communities, businesses, organizations and institutions there will be political and social ramifications. We’ll have to pace the resulting “adaptive challenge” – surfacing and resolving the underlying belief systems, loyalties and competencies that can both spur and limit progress.

The challenge of putting the pieces together charges me up. Leadership for a Networked World, the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences-based research programs I run, as well as my advisory practice, bring together visionaries like you in order to develop the leadership strategy needed to move forward.

Please poke around this website and let me know what ideas you’d like to engage. Together, we can work on the solutions that enable our communities, businesses, governments and institutions to foresee and activate their transformational journey.

Will you join me in this quest? Let’s learn together and create together. Let’s get to work!

Christopher DeAngelus
Digital Initiatives

Lauren Hirshon
Research & Learning

Karen Notch

Contributing Faculty

As part of its mission, LNW reaches across academic disciplines to develop thought leadership and learning initiatives. Recent researchers and faculty include:

David Ager
Harvard Business School

Robert Behn
Harvard Kennedy School

Julie Boatright Wilson
Harvard Kennedy School

Amy Edmondson
Harvard Business School

Francesca Gino
Harvard Business School

Ron Heifetz
Harvard Kennedy School

Bill Kerr
Harvard Business School

Nancy Koehn
Harvard Business School

Jeffery Leibman
Harvard Kennedy School

Rory McDonald
Harvard Business School

Alex "Sandy" Pentland

Cass Sunstein
Harvard Law School

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