Chief Growth Officer Initiative
The Chief Growth Officer Initiative helps leaders envision and achieve breakthrough levels of outcomes and value for the world. The Initiative combines research and ideas from Dr. Antonio Oftelie with insights and examples from iconic executives and thinkers to illuminate how growth in the capacity of organizations, people, and leaders can be harmonized to sustainably transform the world.

Government can’t do it alone. Non-profit can’t do it alone. For-profit can’t do it alone. But, collectively we can.

Nick Macchione
Director, Health and Human Services Agency, San Diego County


In this episode of the Chief Growth Officer Podcast, Scott Thomson, former police chief of Camden, New Jersey shares his unique perspective on what it takes to move a policing organization through phases of innovation and change, and how lessons learned can be applied to organizations of all types.

Founded in 1995, Catalyst Miami had a multi-pronged strategy to build capacity and resilience and...

A major pivot in any organization takes time and unwavering commitment. And it takes adaptive...

Many call the supercenter the greatest retail invention in the world, but Brett Biggs, Wal-Mart’s...

The Chief Growth Officer Podcast

The Chief Growth Officer Podcast, hosted by Dr. Antonio Oftelie of Harvard University, illuminates ideas on achieving transformational growth in outcomes and value.

The podcast features iconic executives and change agents as they share stories and ideas on growing the organizational and personal capacity to achieve breakthrough innovation and change and most importantly – generate outcomes that make a sustainably prosperous, equitable, and just world.

The Chief Growth Officer podcast will help you lead organizations, institutions, communities – and yourself – into transformational levels of growth in outcomes and value.

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Protecting Safety, Health, and Hope: The Future of Policing and Human Services Collaborating on Outcomes

Since 2016, Leadership for a Networked World (LNW) has brought human services and policing leaders together to share stories of innovative, cross-boundary work and to develop strategies for the future. The stories highlighted here address the unique partnerships discussed at those convenings, as well as recommendations for how policing and human services organizations can move forward in implementing and sustaining such partnerships.



Founded in 1995, Catalyst Miami had a multi-pronged strategy to build capacity and resilience and advance social and economic mobility in low-wealth communities in Miami-Dade County. In 2017, in the midst of their strategic planning process, the organization faced a changing landscape and an...

Late one evening in January 2015, LIFT Founder and CEO Kirsten Lodal had just delivered a speech arguing that the organization was falling short of its mission of lifting people out of poverty permanently. From Lodal’s perspective, LIFT was largely serving as a safety net for people in crisis,...

What is the Chief Growth Officer Initiative?

Antonio Oftelie
Executive Director
Leadership for a Networked World

I started this initiative to address a challenge that virtually every leader and organization will face: How do you achieve breakthrough growth in outcomes and value?

This challenging question is an urgent area of focus for executives participating in my leadership sessions at Harvard University. The innovators, disruptors, and executives from organizations as varied as global corporations, governments, social enterprises, healthcare, policing, and many others realize that to solve the world’s most pressing challenges and deliver the most promising future, basic innovation and change management aren’t enough – what’s needed is the capacity to deliver transformational growth. And this work requires a Chief Growth Officer.

A Chief Growth Officer isn’t necessarily one person, a team, or a structure: it’s a mindset to realize the enormous potential of the future. As you’re reading this, we’re looking squarely at what I refer to as the Outcomes Economy – an environment in which institutions, firms, and organizations will increasingly be measured by the outcomes and impact they generate. The Outcomes Economy will be driven in large part by the most ferocious social, technological, and economic convergence humans have seen. The coming “4th Industrial Revolution,” with its artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, will meld and mingle with genomics and molecular biology to bring unprecedented change to humanity and society. Hovering over all of this is the existential crisis in our planet’s climate, and the seismic moves we will have to make to build viable and sustainable firms, institutions, and communities.

Through this work at Harvard, we have learned that successful transformation hinges on a leader’s ability to harmonize growth of outcomes, growth in organizational capacity, and growth in the purpose and identity of people doing the work. In essence, delivering the future of outcomes and value means dynamically changing what we do, how we do it, and who we are.

To help you on your journey to achieve breakthrough growth, this initiative curates not only insights from research, but also ideas from iconic executives and thinkers that illuminate the art of the possible. As you dig into this content, I hope you embrace the challenge of leading organizations, institutions, communities – and yourself – into new levels of growth.

The world needs Chief Growth Officers more than ever. Why not you?

Dr. Antonio M. Oftelie
Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard
Executive Director, Leadership for a Networked World
Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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