Missouri’s Fusion Cell: Redesigning Government to Respond to COVID-19

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NASCA, Public Sector, Innovation, Leading Change, Evidence-Based Organization, Cross-Boundary Collaboration, Culture Change, Change Management, Agile Workforce

Learning Objective

This state spotlight explores the leadership challenges redesigning decision-making structures, increasing transparency, breaking down traditional silos, making data-driven decisions, fostering cross-agency collaboration, and responding to a crisis.


In 2019, Missouri’s 16 separate, hierarchical, state agencies were not well-equipped for the complex set of challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic would present. Drawing inspiration from General Stanley McChrystal’s ‘team of teams’ model, Missouri set-up a Fusion Cell to mobilize resources and breakdown traditional silos to effectively address the scale, scope, and complexity of the pandemic. This state spotlight examines their approach to bringing together a diverse set of experts to collaborate. It considers steps they took to make data-driven decisions, empower people to take on new tasks, and increase transparency, accountability, and agility. It also explores cross-governmental information sharing, communication, and decision-making structures.

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