The 2013 Public Sector and Education Shared Services Summit
Navigating to New Value
When & Where
June 04-06, 2013
Harvard University | Cambridge, MA

About the Summit


As the world emerges into a new fiscal and demographic reality, the future of public service is shifting to one in which public sector and education leaders will be on point to deliver ever-increasing public value. The future will demand more personalized constituent services, more insight-driven programs, more public entrepreneurship and more productivity relative to mission.

Forward-moving leaders are positioning shared services as the core to opening up and achieving this future of public service. Shared services harnesses collaborative methods and entrepreneurial mindsets to not only meet citizen demands in the near term, but also develop the capacity to meet future demands.

To help leaders put in place the strategies and methods for new value, Leadership for a Networked World, the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard, and Accenture are convening senior public, private and education sector executives for The 2013 Public Sector and Education Shared Services Summit: Navigating to New Value. This fifth annual Summit, held at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., will provide an unprecedented opportunity to learn from and network with the world’s leading shared services practitioners, Harvard faculty and researchers, and select industry executives.

At the Summit, we’ll dive into the future of public service and shared services by asking the questions: What is the best business model for supporting your organizational mission? If you could design a business model from scratch, what would it look like? How will you lead and achieve a new plan? We’ll then focus our learning, discussion and best practice exchange around a promising mix of collaborative strategies and methods such as:

  • Coordinating across organizational boundaries to align program objectives, reduce duplication, enhance production and integrate provision.
  • Merging programs, production and provision and forming a single entity responsible for providing services to all stakeholders.
  • Contracting across organizations by consolidating programs, production and/or provision and sourcing through an existing local government entity or a third party provider.
  • Creating a new entity to facilitate and provide certain policy making, programs, production or provision on a regional level.

Most importantly, the Summit will address the critical leadership attributes required to choose a mix of collaborative strategies, governance models and technologies that will help you make sustainable progress.

Who Should Attend?

This Summit is an invitation-only program for senior-most shared services executives in the public sector and higher education. Other applicants will be reviewed and accepted on a case-by-case basis. As attendance is limited, we encourage you to apply soon. This event is complimentary and there is no tuition fee to attend. However, travel and hotel expenses are the responsibility of individual participants.

Admission & Participation

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