The 2016 Federal Leadership Summit
Harmonizing Data, Shared Services, and Culture
When & Where
March 03-04, 2016
Washington, DC | Washington, DC

A Report, reflecting on and summarizing the sessions and insights that occured at this Summit, is now available for download.

About the Summit


Federal leaders are on the cusp of achieving dramatic new levels of organizational capacity and outcomes. With the take-up of digital business models and shared services, agencies have moved to become more effective, agile, transparent, and citizen-centric. Yet far too often, new capabilities are thwarted by calcified institutional designs and organizational cultures. To achieve the full potential of this new data-rich, analytical world, agency leaders must now move to adapt their people, teams, and overall culture to new ways of working, collaborating, and producing public value.

To help federal leaders move forward on this challenge, Leadership for a Networked World and the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard, in collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton, are convening senior-most leaders for The 2016 Federal Leadership Summit: Harmonizing Data, Shared Services, and Culture. This invitation-only Summit, to be held at the American Institute of Architects in Washington D.C. on March 3 – 4, 2016, will provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and work with federal peers, Harvard faculty and researchers, and select industry experts on methods for adapting organizational culture to a new era of data-intensive government.

At the Summit, participants will learn and work together on four key leadership strategies:

  • Leveraging data and analytics to enable new capabilities in structures, systems, and people
  • Preparing organizational culture for new data-centric business models and shared services
  • Fostering cultural change and innovation via a range of change management techniques
  • Sustaining new capabilities and cultural attributes via adaptive leadership strategies

The Summit is designed as a leadership retreat and workshop, in which case studies, peer-to-peer problem-solving sessions and plenary sessions will be used to drive real progress on the digital initiatives that are critical to improving government effectiveness, efficiency, and outcomes. Participants will leave the Summit with newfound insight, strategies, and tools to lead their organizations to new levels of performance.

Who Should Attend?

Summit attendees are senior-level, public-sector federal executives (CEO, COO, CIO, CDO, Secretary, Deputy, etc.), who aspire to improve performance in the near term and redesign federal government for the long term. Regardless of title, all Summit attendees are “Chief Transformation Officers” in practice – leaders who work across traditional boundaries (organizational, jurisdictional, sectorial) to create public value.

Admission & Participation

The Summit is an invitation-only program for senior-level federal executives. Other applicants will be reviewed and accepted on a case-by-case basis, depending in part on available space. We typically receive more applications than we can accommodate, so apply for your seat as soon as possible. This event is supported by the hosting and collaborating organizations, so there is no tuition fee to attend. Travel and hotel expenses, however, are the responsibility of individual participants.

Beth Angerman
Shared Service Director
US General Services Administration

Paul Bartley
Director, Program Support Center
US Department of Health and Human Services

Johan Bos-Beijer
Director, Analytics & Services
US General Services Administration

David Bray
Chief Information Officer
Federal Communications Commission

Mark Dronfield
Program Manager, Budget Formulation and Execution Line of Business
US Department of Education

Chip Fulghum
Chief Financial Officer
US Department of Homeland Security

Adam Goldberg
Executive Architect
Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation, US Department of Treasury

David Mader
Office of Management and Budget

Ann-Marie Massenberg
Chief of Staff, Program Support Center
US Department of Health and Human Services

Filippo Passerini
Executive Officer
Procter & Gamble (Retired)

Tim Soltis
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
US Department of Education

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