Podcase: Chief Scott Thomson and the Transformation of the Camden Police Department
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I think that really, deep down inside, there is a desire for connection with one another. It’s hard to hate up close.

Scott Thomson
Former Chief of Police, Camden Police Department

Organizational transformation is a tall order in today’s turbulent world. In policing, it’s even more challenging. Yet, there are powerful examples of progress that show how leaders can create an environment for innovation and guide people and stakeholders through to successful transformation.

In this episode of the Chief Growth Officer Podcasts, Scott Thomson, former police chief of Camden, New Jersey shares his unique perspective on what it takes to move a policing organization through phases of innovation and change, and how lessons learned can be applied to organizations of all types. His insights and experience will spark responses to the following questions:

  • How do you balance responding to urgent daily needs, while creating a new organization?
  • Are there ways to pace innovation so that people and teams can sustain progress?
  • How can you build a new mindset and culture over time?
  • What do leaders need to do to prepare themselves?

For more information about Scott Thomson and the transformation of the Camden Police Department read our case study below.

We need to be reminded, and we need to remind ourselves, that in a democratic society, the power of police comes from the consent of the people. We need their consent so that we can police them. We need their consent so that we can use force to keep things safe, and we can't lose sight of that. We're not policing the public. The public is the police, and the police are the public.

Scott Thomson
Former Chief of Police, Camden Police Department

Associated Case Study


We Want Guardians, Not Warriors: The Transformation of the Camden Police Department:



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