2024 Public Safety Summit

In a turbulent and politicized world, forward-thinking public safety leaders are mobilizing to turn change and disruption into levers for building greater trust, value, and legitimacy. These progressive leaders are not only shifting their vision and mindset but also cultivating culture change, activating new policies and practices, and redefining what it means to lead and create a future-ready public safety organization.

2023 Public Safety Summit

The world is demanding not only swift and robust response to crime, but also innovative and equitable methods of ensuring community safety. Incremental change won’t be enough. Public safety leaders must activate a bold new vision.

Public Safety - Peter Newsham

Creating change in any organization can be a daunting task, but if you give your people the right tools and the right support to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, they will embrace it.

Public Safety - Matt Bromeland

Even the best technology is only as good as the people using it --which is why investing in the right personnel is so critically important.


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