Statistic 1 - Public Safety

Over half of Public Safety leaders feel their organization is not prepared, or only somewhat prepared to sustain long-term transformation initiatives.

Public Safety Quote - James O'Neill

If we can somehow relieve that tension, relieve that pressure between the police and the community, build on relationships, your job is going to be safer. It might not be easier, but it's going to be safer.

Public Safety & Policing

Leadership for a Networked World’s Public Safety Initiative provides transformational thought leadership and learning experiences for policymakers and executives designing the future of public trust, legitimacy, and value in policing.

2022 Public Safety Summit

The future of policing is emerging all around us. Rapidly shifting public demands, powerful social and digital technologies, and new ways of measuring public value are upending past practices in policing and opening up entirely new models of policing services. Now is the time for public safety leaders to not just respond to change – but lead into the emerging future.

2019 Public Safety Summit

Around the globe, progressive public safety leaders are moving the needle on innovation – they’re designing new policing services, building new digital operating models, and fostering new organizational cultures. Yet amidst all the innovation and change one element is imperative: Solid results require leaders to sustain transformation.

2018 Public Safety Summit

As the pace and power of social, political, and technological change accelerates in the world, citizens and stakeholders expect everything to happen faster – including the transformation of public safety and policing organizations.

This pace of change also creates a turbulent environment in which policing leaders have to manage the “political economy” surrounding them – including the competing demands of stakeholder groups, the need for delivering innovative new policing models, and the mandate to improve public trust and safety.


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