The 2017 Health and Human Services Summit:

Creating the Future of Outcomes and Impact

When & Where

September 22-24, 2017

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

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About the Summit

Challenging and uncertain times have always been a catalyst for looking at problems in novel ways, inventing fresh solutions, designing new organizations, and delivering better results and value. Now is no different. For leaders in health and human services, today’s challenges are bringing an unparalleled opportunity to create the future of outcomes and impact.

Creating a better, brighter, and more impactful future will require developing new forms and new levels of outcomes for individuals, families, and communities. This form of change and innovation will increasingly require health and human services leaders to build an “ecosystem” for outcomes – a set of interconnected organizations, machines, and services that can coproduce new solutions that address and solve the root causes of individual, family, and community health and human services challenges.

For leaders and policymakers in health and human services, designing and building an ecosystem to deliver new forms and levels of outcomes poses several challenging questions

  • What do new forms of outcomes look like? How is value created, measured, and shared across organizations and stakeholders in the ecosystem?
  • How can an ecosystem and services be designed with a citizen-centric view in order to minimize complexity and maximize efficiency and effectiveness?
  • Where can law and policy be aligned with ecosystem strategy? What form of governance is needed to seed, secure, and sustain partners in the ecosystem?
  • What technologies, machines, and data and analytics are required to not only understand, but also predict ecosystem-wide service demand?

To help health and human services leaders with these challenges, the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard, Leadership for a Networked World, and Accenture, in collaboration with the American Public Human Services Association, are convening senior-most leaders for The 2017 Health and Human Services Summit: Creating the Future of Outcomes and Impact.

At the Summit, we will work together to vision the future of health and human service, and learn how to build entirely new solutions to today’s pressing challenges. To accomplish this, the Summit will feature practitioner case studies and topical sessions designed to help participants pursue innovation, develop ecosystems, and lead their organizations up the Health and Human Services Value Curve.

This eight annual Summit, to be held September 22 – 24, 2017, at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and network with the world’s foremost human services practitioners, Harvard faculty and researchers, and select industry experts. Summit participants will gain membership to a community of peers and experts, and leave the Summit prepared and poised to deliver generative outcomes and impact for individuals, families, communities, and society.

The Executive Leadership Group

Uma Ahluwalia
Montgomery County (MD) Department of Health and Human Services
Roderick Bremby
Connecticut Department of Social Services
Susan Dreyfus
President & CEO
Alliance for Strong Families and Communities
Brent Earnest
Secretary, Human Services Department
New Mexico Office of the Governor
Kelly Harder
Dakota County Community Services
Lynn Johnson
Executive Director
Jefferson County Department of Human Services
Nick Macchione
Health and Human Services Agency, San Diego County, California
Susan Mosier
Secretary and State Health Officer
Department of Health and Environment
Stephanie Muth
Medicaid Director
State of Texas
Doris Tolliver
Chief of Staff
Indiana Department of Child Services
Tracy Wareing Evans
President and CEO
American Public Human Services Association

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