The 2018 Health and Human Services Summit:

Designing Generative Outcomes

When & Where

October 26-28, 2018

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

About the Summit


For leaders in health and human services, designing and building an ecosystem to deliver new services, solutions, and outcomes poses several challenging questions:

  • Where should leaders start? What new types of outcomes and impact can be enabled by ecosystem-based business models?
  • What forms of structural, system, and process innovation will it take to prepare services and solutions to be delivered via an ecosystem?
  • What technologies, machines, and data and analytics are required to not only measure progress, but also drive cycles of service innovation?
  • As ecosystem-based business models become standard practice, what capabilities and cultural attributes should people and teams in organizations acquire?

To help leaders with these challenging questions, the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard, Leadership for a Networked World, and Accenture, in collaboration with the American Public Human Services Association, are convening senior-most leaders for The 2018 Health and Human Services Summit: Designing Generative Outcomes.

This 9th annual Summit, to be held October 26th – 28th 2018 at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will provide participants with an exclusive opportunity to not only learn from emerging health and human services ecosystems, but also ideate and design new ecosystem-enabled solutions that move organizations up the Health and Human Services Value Curve.

Summit participants will gain membership to a community of peers and experts, and leave the Summit prepared and poised to pursue innovation, and build entirely new Generative solutions to today's pressing health and human services challenges.

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A Note from the Executive Director

How is this year’s Health and Human Services Summit developing?

The health and human services summit at Harvard is the premier event for exploring, learning, and building the future. And I think we’re at a point where we need to take what we’ve learned here at Harvard over the last decade – and really push for action on a larger scale.

As we’ve built out the health and human services value curve, it’s clear that achieving generative outcomes will require building robust ecosystems - a network of organizations, machines, and services that coproduce new solutions to address and solve the root causes of individual, family, and community health and human services challenges.

Yet this requires a new type of leader, and new forms of adaptive and technical skills. We’re building the Summit to meet that need.

How will this year’s Summit be different?

We want to do things a little differently at this year’s Health and Human Services Summit. We want to take the ideas, the motivation and the commitment of our leaders and turn it into something tangible that they can take back to their organizations and to the people they serve.

And we’ll do that by focusing our work on the development of generative ecosystems. Instead of traditional case sessions, we’ll build the summit around emerging or growing ecosystems. We’ll first start by convening a group of ecosystems and digging into what makes them work, and what could make them work even better. Then we’ll bring those ecosystems to the Harvard Summit and we’ll roll up our sleeves and work creatively to design the future of health and human services ecosystems – not only on how we digitize and scale them up, but also how leaders need to drive and pace this transformation.

Buckle up – it’s going to be a fast-paced and high-impact Summit!

Antonio Oftelie

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What is the Human Services Value Curve?

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