Statistic 3 - HHS

Over 80% of Health and Human Service leaders reported experiencing significant risk, uncertainty, and resistance moving upstream and building an ecosystem of services.

Statistic 2 - HHS

Leaders chose data and analytics, cross-boundary work, and racial equity in outcomes as the top 3 drivers of change.

Statistic 1 - HHS

60% of Health and Human Services leaders reported feeling significant pressure to improve service capacity and outcomes.

Health & Human Services - Mark Stutrud

One of the most important things about developing outcomes in the whole-person approach is that we actually understand to the best of our ability the hopes and dreams of each individual.

Health and Human Services - Dr. Michael Petersen

You’re not going to solve it with one company, one technology, one Medicaid, one state. It’s going to take collaboration.

Health and Human Services - Nick Macchione

Government can’t do it alone. Non-profit can’t do it alone. For-profit can’t do it alone. But, collectively we can.

Health & Human Services

Leadership for a Networked World’s Health and Human Services Initiative provides transformational thought leadership and learning experiences for policymakers and executives building the solutions and services that help people, families, and communities thrive.

2019 Health and Human Services Summit

It will be imperative for health and human services officials to not only leverage the bold innovations, disruptive business models, and radical breakthroughs that lead to new and better solutions, but also embed the technology, tools, and cultural attributes which lead to creativity, agility, and adaptability. And urgently, leaders must address challenges and opportunities that can make or break progress including:


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