Podcase: Kirsten Lodal and the Story of LIFT
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Given that all organizational change is really human change, you've got to get the humans to transform, and the way humans like to transform is to be a part of the change that's coming.”

Kirsten Lodal
Founder and Former CEO, LIFT

A major pivot in any organization takes time and unwavering commitment.  And it takes adaptive leadership to create an environment that can start and sustain transformation.

In this podcast episode, Kirsten Lodal, founder and former CEO of LIFT shares leadership insights on the organization’s transformational journey.  Kirsten started LIFT, a national nonprofit organization that works to break the cycle of poverty for young families, in 1996. As the organization evolved and grew over a decade, they wanted to improve their outcomes and impact – particularly around racial equity. As a result, Kirsten took a hard look at LIFT’s mission, practice model, and organizational design, and with her team built a model for the future.  Her experience and insights inspire the following questions:

  • How do you get people to embrace a new mission and affirm their inclusion in the process?
  • What strategies of adaptive leadership can help an organization envision, build, and sustain new ways of creating value?
  • What are some of the tough questions that leaders should be asking themselves as they ignite their organization’s transformation?

You can't take for granted that an organization's culture and values are static and evergreen.

Kirsten Lodal
Founder and Former CEO, LIFT

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