The 2022 Catalyst Collaborative
Leadership Academy
When & Where
Beginning in June, 2022
Virtually and at Harvard University | Cambridge, MA

About the Collaborative

This Catalyst Collaborative format is cohort-based and convened virtually and in person. Collaborative sessions will be held in person in March 2022 and March 2023 at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts with virtual sessions in between. The learning format will combine case studies from current leaders, insights from Harvard faculty and researchers, expertise from industry experts, and a cohort-wide initiative to create lasting impact.

Outpacing the Curve

The future is emerging all around us. Rapid shifts in consumer and market demands, powerful convergence of social and digital trends, and the global movement to sustainability and stakeholder capitalism are not only upending past strategies and business models, but also opening up entirely new ways to create value and growth. The leaders that come out ahead of these curves are working now to transform their organizations and create an agenda for newfound growth.

Realizing a growth agenda isn’t necessarily easy or quick – progress will require embracing disruption and experimentation, managing multiple business models at the same time, and designing new performance and value measures. And perhaps most importantly, realizing a growth agenda will require leaders to foster the energy, creativity, resilience and endurance in themselves and their teams to press ahead in the face of complexity and uncertainty. In essence, this moment presents the challenge of a lifetime.

To help forward-thinking leaders address this momentous time, Leadership for a Networked World at Harvard University and Anaplan, are bringing together a cohort of hand-picked leaders to share ideas, learn about advanced practices, and co-create solutions that are imperative to a growth agenda. This cohort will work collaboratively along two macro dimensions:

  • The Degree of Growth: As leaders look to the powerful capabilities of analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital ecosystems to create growth and value, what degree of progress is needed to achieve growth objectives?
  • The Pace of Growth: As leaders decide on the degree of innovation and change necessary to adapt and achieve growth, how can people, teams, and overall organizational culture become more dynamic, agile, and capable of pacing the speed of transformation?

Together, cohort members of the Catalyst Collaborative will not only advance their firm’s capacity to leverage transformation in turbulent times, but also build their personal leadership capacity to create and realize a growth agenda.

Who Should Attend?

Cohort participants are senior-level executives in function (i.e., chief financial officer, chief operating officer, chief information officer, vice-president of human resources, vice president of finance, etc.), as well as “Chief Transformation Officers” in practice, who seek to improve organizational performance in the near term and realize new forms of growth for the long term. This program requires a small, but consistent time investment each month. Attendees can expect to be involved for three to five hours per month to the Collaborative for its duration.

Admission & Participation

The Catalyst Collaborative is an invitation-only program for senior-level executives of firms utilizing the Anaplan platform. Other applicants will be reviewed and accepted on a case-by-case basis, and according in part, to space availability. This event is supported by the hosting and collaborating organizations, so there is no tuition or fee to attend. Travel and hotel arrangements, and related expenses for any in-person events, are the responsibility of individual participants.

Previously Participating Organizations

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Founded in 1987 at Harvard Kennedy School, LNW is now an applied research initiative of Dr. Antonio M. Oftelie at the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard.


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The podcast features iconic executives and change agents as they share stories and ideas on growing the organizational and personal capacity to achieve breakthrough innovation and change and most importantly – generate outcomes that make a sustainably prosperous, equitable, and just world.

The Chief Growth Officer podcast will help you lead organizations, institutions, communities – and yourself – into transformational levels of growth in outcomes and value.

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Leadership for a Networked World’s applied research, student innovation challenge, and on-campus summit programs are an initiative of Dr. Antonio M. Oftelie, Innovation Fellow at the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH), part of the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. TECH is a hub for students, faculty, alumni, and government and industry leaders to learn together, collaborate, and innovate. LNW accelerates these efforts by connecting leaders across sectors and developing cutting-edge thought leadership on innovation and organizational transformation.


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