2021 Catalyst Collaborative

The future is emerging all around us. Rapid shifts in consumer and market demands, powerful convergence of social and digital trends, and the global movement to sustainability and stakeholder capitalism are not only upending past strategies and business models, but also opening up entirely new ways to create value and growth. The leaders that come out ahead of these curves are working now to transform their organizations and create an agenda for newfound growth.

2021 Virtual Summit Series for Chief Financial, Operations, and Supply Chain Executives

Today’s unparalleled volatility, uncertainty and complexity is affecting every organization. The boldest and bravest leaders are using the upheaval to reimagine the path to value and purposeful growth. In this spirit, Leadership for a Networked World at Harvard University and Accenture are convening the 2021 Leading in a New Era of Value and Purposeful Growth virtual summit series to help leaders navigate challenges and seize new opportunities to be proactive, creative and pioneering.

2020 Virtual Summit Series For Chief Financial, Operations, And Supply Chain Executives

The Virtual Summit Series will feature Harvard faculty, subject matter experts, and current chief financial officers and chief supply chain officers. Participants will take a leadership view and address how this crisis can become a catalyst to bolstering newfound strengths and fixing gaps that have been identified in finance and supply chain operations. In particular, the Virtual Summit Series will address these critical challenges and opportunities from lenses including:

Statistic 3 - Private Sector

89% of future CFOs reported that their role anticipates significant or extreme change in the next five years.

Statistic 2 - Private Sector

Close to 70% of next generation supply chain leaders reported that operations has experienced significant or extreme change in the past five years,

Statistic 1 - Private Sector

Reflecting on strategies to optimize current supply chain strategies, next generation supply chain leaders envision a future that is efficient, predictive, and real-time.

Private Sector - Dominic Caruso

Never compromise your level of excellence that you are standing for, even though you’ll be challenged to do so.

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