Statistic 3 - Private Sector

89% of future CFOs reported that their role anticipates significant or extreme change in the next five years.

Statistic 2 - Private Sector

Close to 70% of next generation supply chain leaders reported that operations has experienced significant or extreme change in the past five years,

Statistic 1 - Private Sector

Reflecting on strategies to optimize current supply chain strategies, next generation supply chain leaders envision a future that is efficient, predictive, and real-time.

Private Sector - Dominic Caruso

Never compromise your level of excellence that you are standing for, even though you’ll be challenged to do so.

Private Sector

Leadership for a Networked World’s Business and Industry Initiative provides transformational thought leadership and learning experiences for executives leading innovation and designing the future of sustainable value creation.

2019 Next Generation Operations Summit

To help next generation operations and supply chain leaders set their vision and strategy, Leadership for a Networked World and the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard, in collaboration with Accenture Strategy, are convening the 2019 Next Generation Operations Summit: Leading into the New Pace of Change to be held June 12–14 at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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