Podcase: Gretchen Beesing and the Past, Present, and Future of Catalyst Miami
An Insight from the Next Gen of Human Services Organizations
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Being really honest and direct with people helps you build relationships more quickly; people feel like you're an honest broker.

Gretchen Beesing
CEO, Catalyst Miami

To effectively build capacity for future challenges and opportunities, leaders must often seek out new ways to co-create solutions through partnerships with other organizations, coalitions, and network-building. This form of collaboration is a keystone of Catalyst Miami, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to build social and economic mobility for individuals and families in Miami-Dade County.

In this podcast, Catalyst Miami CEO, Gretchen Beesing, opens up about the strides she’s made leading the organization, as well as how the organization is looking to take on the impact and inequities of climate change. Gretchen shares the organization’s unique approach to co-creating policy and outcome goals for the community and building a robust platform of services for the future. Her insights will inspire responses to the following questions:

  • How can leaders lift-up community voice and establish an ecosystem of partners in order to envision and create sustainable outcomes?
  • What methods can leaders use to create a culture of innovation and a “safe space” for teams to address challenging issues?
  • How should organizations be thinking about the big issues (i.e. climate change, racial equity) and the implications for evolving their overall mission and objectives?

When we think of capacity building at both the individual level, the organizational level and the community level, we really serve the entire ecosystem of actors both from low-wealth families to the organizations that serve them and then, the communities that hold those organizations and those families. We're working on lifting everybody's boat,

Gretchen Beesing
CEO, Catalyst Miami

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